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CSO: ecco tre modi per non farvi odiare da tutti

Alcuni dirigenti esperti in sicurezza stanno imparando a dire sì e a collaborare in modo proficuo con gli altri reparti aziendali.

Eveready Powers Sales with Visual Analytics

After just seven months of using a visual analytical tool, Eveready increased sales by about Rs 15 crore, lowered inventory costs by Rs 10 crore, and achieved over 500 percent RoI. 

New knowledge hub aims to harness digital opportunities

A new Knowledge Economy Institute (KEi) has launched to help put Australia at the forefront of the rapidly growing global digital economy.

Dedagroup, quando l’ICT italiana conquista gli Usa

Per una volta è un gruppo tricolore doc a fare shopping negli States e a esportare competenze e tecnologia, a caccia dell’enorme mercato delle Credit Unions

Getting a handle on marketing technology

The marketing tech landscape has been expanding at an impressive clip over the last three years. It now boasts more than 3,000 vendors, including giants such as Adobe and Oracle. It's an ecosystem buzzing with activity -- big fish gobbling up smaller ones, startups trying to survive -- and marketers can easily get disoriented.

Traction Watch: Grovo Is Growing 20 Percent Per Month

With a name like Grovo, you'd expect some serious growth numbers.The micro-training platform uses 60-second videos to help large corporations teach employees new skills. For the past 17 months, the company has grown 20% in revenues month-on-month. That comes to nearly 800% annualized growth!

Traction Watch: BetterWorks Is ramping up to get your ducks in a row

Looks like the quantified workplace is paying off in spades. Known as FitBit for employee-related goals, Palo Alto-based BetterWorks has doubled their workforce in the last six months. They're on a hiring spree, shopping for technical writers, product managers, support techs, and everything in between. A year ago, they had only six employees. When the app debuted in September, 2014, they had 27 employees. Since acquiring funding from Kleiner that same month to the tune of $15.5 million, they have jumped up to 40 employees.
In the chart above, gross merchandise sales are in blue, and Etsy's revenues are in green. (The company is not yet profitable. It posted a $15 million loss last year as it ramped up spending).

Etsy’s $2 Billion Marketplace

Etsy filed for an IPO. I took a look at the filing to get a sense of its growth metrics, which you can see in the accompanying Traction charts. Etsy is a marketplace that started out for crafts, but keeps expanding to makers of all sorts. Gross merchandise sales (the value of all goods sold on Etsy) reached almost $2 billion last year, and grew 43 percent from 2013.

My Job is to Hallucinate: Unisys CTO

Jim Thompson, CTO, Unisys, talks to Computerworld India about the company's Forward! solution, the state of the Unix mission critical market and how India figures in Unisys's future plans.

Google opens London shop as new marketing strategy

Opening its first store-in-a-store in London this week, Google is looking to raise its already worldwide image.

Three suffers payment systems glitch after upgrade work overruns

The problem has left Three customers unable to view their account details, top up, or renew monthly ‘add-ons'.

Tableau 9.0 beta rolls out

Tableau will showcase beta version 9.0 of its data visualization and analysis software to a large group of customers today, touting features that include drag-and-drop analytics as well as data-preparation features that formerly had to be done outside the application.

On the Right Shore: Partha De Sarkar

There are very few CEOs like Partha De Sarkar who have an amazing success story to narrate. The CEO of Rs 2500-crore BPO firm Hinduja Global Solutions doesn't base his company's growth on revenue numbers. He's more concerned about becoming the best in the business. And rightly so. For the company has been a late entrant in the global BPO market, but has chartered spectacular growth in the last decade. How it has managed this tremendous success is a story in itself. For De Sarkar, people are HGS' biggest strength, and he's using IT as a vehicle to drive them.

Leadership IT: come accorgersi di essere un maniaco della gestione

La microgestione può non apparire come un grande problema, ma in realtà controllare ogni minimo aspetto del lavoro può diventare incredibilmente dannoso.

5 modi per dare il giusto riconoscimento all’IT

Il lavoro svolto dal reparto IT di un’azienda è spesso nascosto o peggio ancora ignorato, ma conviene invece valorizzarlo e portarlo alla luce.

Rinnovare il curriculum: come (e quando) infrangere le regole

Cos’ha in comune Michael Wallace con Bill Gates e Mark Zuckerberg? Ognuno di loro ha creato qualcosa di veramente grande e importante a inizio...

Come diventare il CIO di domani

Il futuro del CIO si trova in precario equilibrio tra due sponde. Da un lato il CIO può rendersi protagonista di enormi trasformazioni, aiutando...
Presentazioni: cosa fare e cosa evitare

Realizzare presentazioni convincenti

Convegni, riunioni, lezioni, seminari e corsi di formazione sono da sempre le occasioni in cui si tengono presentazioni e si mostrano e proiettano al...
Keynote - Come realizzare una buona presentazione

I 6 segreti di una buona presentazione

Obiettivi chiari, conoscere il proprio pubblico, pochi effetti speciali, sintesi e massima efficacia
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visualizzazione dei dati

Microsoft Power BI: i dieci errori più comuni da evitare

Power BI sta portando sempre di più la potenza dei dati nelle mani degli utenti aziendali, ma potreste aver bisogno di una guida ben precisa per trarne il massimo valore. Questi sono i dieci errori più comuni da evitare assolutamente.
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Zoom: il luogo di lavoro sarà sempre più incentrato sul video

Zoom ha presentato nuovi piani per video call center, migliori funzioni di trascrizione e traduzione, lavagne integrate e opzioni di hot-desk per l'ambiente di lavoro ibrido
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10 impedimenti che ostacolano l’innovazione IT

Dalle operazioni IT inefficienti all'incapacità di migliorare le competenze, l'innovazione IT è spesso compromessa da problemi organizzativi radicati che i leader IT devono sforzarsi di risolvere.