ITC Secure Networking has launched a mobile app that allows its UK customer base to monitor security and other service events in real time fed to them from the firm’s NetSure360 managed services.

Described as being the ‘CIO and CISO’s best friend’, the Orama app is meant to give senior staff a way of reacting to and managing potentially serious incidents as they occur, including oversight of problem resolution.

The app has been on beta with two of ITC’s customers but is now being offered to more of the firm’s large enterprise base, believed to number around 70, as a free service upgrade.

“Orama harnesses our simultaneous monitoring of millions of events on thousands of devices from dozens of vendors and multiple network and security systems, and converts it into a clear management view of the network and the threats facing it,” said ITC’s CTO, Kevin Whelan.

“The criticality of IT infrastructure and the unprecedented level of cyber threats is placing enormous pressure on senior IT executives to know what’s happening on their infrastructure 24 hours a day, and be in a position to respond appropriately to the most critical priorities” he said.

Getting the app up and running on Android or iOS is said to be a simple process for users of the NetSure360 services.

NetSure360 offers a range of security monitoring, including log, threat and vulnerability management, malware and botnet detection, compromised host detection, privileged identity and log overviews, and SIEM.

This is addition to conventional application and network performance, traffic analysis, web monitoring and performance overviews.