I dati sanitari stanno diventando sempre più attraenti per gli hacker

I recenti attacchi informatici a due grandi compagnie assicurative americane nascondono un nuovo terreno fertile per i cybercriminali.

Rischio intercettazioni per due telefoni IP di Cisco

Una vulnerabilità del firmware permette di intercettare ed eseguire chiamate dai telefoni IP SPA 300 e SPA 500.

Don’t overlook your biggest security flaw — your talent

The IT skills gap isn't as bad as you think -- it's worse, much worse. Especially in the area of cybersecurity, that skills gap is a major threat to your business.

Corporate culture hinders cyber insurance buy-in

The relatively new field of cyber insurance offers a potentially valuable shield from the financial toll that a data breach can visit on a company, but that market is held back by a lack of information about the threat landscape and a culture in many firms that too often marginalizes cyber issues, a senior government official warns.

Don’t overlook your biggest security flaw — your talent

The IT skills gap isn't as bad as you think -- it's worse, much worse. Especially in the area of cybersecurity, that skills gap is a major threat to your business.

Where’s the data?

It's a time-honored tradition: U.S. businesses find ways to skirt inconvenient or expensive laws by moving operations to other countries. Thus we have had U.S. corporations operating overseas to exploit child labor, run sweatshops or avoid taxes and rigorous health and safety inspections. Now the U.S. government says something similar is happening in regards to email.

SAP says customers – like the NSA – can do what they like with...

CEO Bill McDermott says reports about SAP's role in the NSA's controversial mass surveillance projects are "misleading" but adds firm is "honoured" that it contributes to national safety.

TeslaCrypt chiede un riscatto ai videogiocatori

Per la prima volta i gamer sono caduti vittime di un crypto-ransomware che prende di mira salvataggi, file di gioco, DLC e mod.

Mai mischiare le email personali con quelle di lavoro

Tenere insieme in un unico account email personali e di lavoro può rivelarsi spesso dannoso per voi e per la vostra azienda.

Don’t get into an email mess

Though she may have broken no laws, Hillary Clinton acted irresponsibly in using a personal email account to conduct official U.S. government business in her capacity as secretary of State.

EU data protection manifesto at danger from lobbyists ‘who favour big data over big...

The regulation to standardise data protection rules and crimes across the European Union is "perhaps the most lobbied" in the history of the European commission, Christopher Docksey warned.

Joint effort guts Superfish

Microsoft earlier this week said that search-and-destroy work by it, Lenovo and other software makers has reduced the daily number of Lenovo PCs found infected with the Superfish adware to below 1,000.

Ford, Toyota and General Motors could be taken to court over hackable cars

A renowned lawyer claims the manufacturers turned a blind eye to security vulnerabilities, leaving "cars to be hacked and control wrested away from the driver".

Check Point ‘threat extraction’ tech cleans booby-trapped email attachments

Blade customers offered new email security system to beat common attack

Alcatel-Lucent: nel 2014 crescono le minacce informatiche su terminali e reti

Il rapporto Motive Security Lab stima in 16 milioni il numero di dispositivi mobili infettati da software che spiano segretamente gli utenti.

Microsoft misses flaw in 2010 patch that was supposed to quash Stuxnet bug

A critical Windows vulnerability that was one of several exploited by the notorious Stuxnet worm as long ago as 2008 was not completely patched until just yesterday, a security researcher said.

Facebook annuncia i topic data

Il re dei social network offrirà a produttori e inserzionisti uno sguardo più approfondito ai post dei suoi utenti.

Web browsers are also to blame for Lenovo’s Superfish fiasco

Lenovo pre-installing Superfish software was a security disaster. Whether Lenovo was evil, or, as they eventually claimed, merely incompetent, it's hard to trust them going forward. If nothing else, their initial denials that anything was wrong, leave a lasting impression. Of course, Superfish, along with the software that they bundled from Komodia, also deserve plenty of blame for breaking the security of HTTPS and SSL/TLS.


macos server

MacOS Server elimina i servizi usati dalle PMI

Apple sta pianificando di eliminare da macOs Server diversi servizi utilizzati dalle PMI, mentre le aziende più grandi hanno meno di cui preoccuparsi.

Windows Defender ATP arriverà anche su Windows 7 e 8.1

Windows Defender ATP è in grado di rilevare gli attacchi in corso sulle reti aziendali e sarà aggiunto a Windows 7 e 8.1 entro questa estate.
spesa it

Red Hat: ecco come sta cambiando la spesa IT

Secondo il Red Hat Global Customer Tech Outlook 2018 le aziende puntano a sfruttare la spesa IT esistente ampliando le iniziative cloud.