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Ted Cruz, the presidential candidate who wants to increase the H-1B cap by 500%

It's going to be hard for the Republicans to field a presidential candidate as enthusiastic about the H-1B visa as U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz...

IT workers’ voices heard in the Senate, confidentially

WASHINGTON - A Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today on the H-1B visa offered up a stew of policy arguments, positioning and frustration.

Why companies opt to insource for IT innovation

Companies are increasingly taking a multisourcing approach to IT outsourcing, signing shorter, smaller deals with a mix of providers. At the same time, some are pulling certain pieces of the IT portfolio back in-house.

H-1B battle to take center stage in Senate on Tuesday

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing Tuesday on the H-1B visa that will bring together the temporary visa's most outspoken critics and supporters.

TNT hybrid cloud deal boosts HP’s struggling enterprise services division

Six-year contract is another feather in HP's cap weeks after announcing Deutsche Bank deal

Electrical engineering employment declines nearly 10%, but developers up 12%

The number of people working as electrical engineers declined by 29,000 last year, continuing a long-standing trend, according to government data.

An extreme CTO

Ash Crick has many strings to his bow. He's been an IBM consultant, video producer, professional skydiver, and musician. These days, he's the chief technology officer (CTO) at Malaysia's iflix.

Behind the White House’s claim of 545,000 unfilled IT jobs

Earlier this week, the White House announced a plan to use $100 million in H-1B fees to help train people for technology jobs. To make its case for this new program, it said there were 545,000 "unfilled jobs" in information technology.

PC: le vendite nel 2015 potrebbero essere peggiori delle attese

IDC rivede al ribasso le stime per l’anno in corso e prevede un calo di vendite del 4,9%.

IT is the doctor

I've been privileged to meet IT professionals around the world, and I'm always struck by their many fine qualities. One of the most common of these is the desire to help others. As a group, IT people believe in progress and hold that technology can be an important part of making people's lives better. At work, we like to see that our products contribute to the efficiency, effectiveness and happiness of users and consumers.

IBM workforce declined 12% in 2014; losses tied to corporate divestitures

IBM's global workforce declined 12% last year, with most of the decrease due to corporate divestitures.

9 networking tips for introverts

Networking, whether during a job search or simply to maintain professional connections and grow your network, can be stressful, even for the most outgoing, extroverted job-hunter. For an introvert, however, the process can be downright paralyzing. Even though introverts are often creative, thoughtful and work well with others, it often seems that extroverts have the edge when it comes to networking and making beneficial professional connections. But if you're an introvert, you can make networking more enjoyable and more successful by translating it into an approach that works with and not against their personality.

Lessons to be learned from a project nightmare

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is in the middle of an Oracle Financials implementation that has gone horribly wrong. Its experience should serve as a cautionary lesson for enterprises planning major projects.

La forza lavoro di IBM è calata bruscamente nel 2014

Molte di queste perdite lavorative sono da attribuire alle recenti dismissioni del colosso americano.

Google apre il suo store a Londra: nuova strategia per la grande G?

A cosa punta Google con l’inaugurazione del suo primo negozio fisico?

Obsolete, unreliable IT stressing out workers

Unreliable or obsolete technology is one of the biggest workplace stressors for Australians, according to new research.

The White House’s $100M, H-1B funded tech job plan comes under fire

The White House has established a $100 million program that endorses fast-track, boot camp IT training efforts and other four-year degree alternatives. But this...

Rebrand IT if you want more women to participate, says Camden exec

Many women are put off an IT career because it is still seen as being a job for 'geeks programming in basements', according to Hilary Simpson, a senior IT exec at Camden Council.

Vodafone pioneers maternity leave equality across the world

Vodafone has become the first firm to define a mandatory minimum maternity leave policy across its global divisions.



I piani innovativi di Intel per affrontare l’era datacentrica

Storage, intelligenza artificiale, prestazioni, data-center, nuovi processori Intel Xeon. Ecco come Intel si prepara ad affrontare le rivoluzioni dell’era datacentrica.

Windows 10: gli amministratori IT vorrebbero meno feature update

Più di tre quarti degli amministratori IT intervistati per un sondaggio vorrebbero che Microsoft rilasciasse aggiornamenti di funzionalità solo una volta all'anno.

Kaspersky Lab: nuova campagna phishing su scala industriale

I ricercatori di Kaspersky Lab hanno scoperto una nuova campagna di phishing su scala industriale che ha lo scopo di prelevare denaro dai conti aziendali.