Tesla’s Elon Musk says driving may someday be illegal

Tesla founder Elon Must believes there may eventually come a day when people are no longer allowed to drive vehicles because it's not safe.

NASA’s Mars rover working again

After some long-distance troubleshooting, NASA engineers have the Mars rover Curiosity back up after almost two weeks of down time.

FCC girds for legal attacks on net neutrality order

The Federal Communication Commission's 400-page official order on net neutrality, released Thursday, will undoubtedly elicit lawsuits on various fronts once it is officially published in the Federal Register.

Hotel guests open the door to a robotic butler

If a guest is staying at the Aloft hotel in Cupertino, Calif. and asks for a comb or a late-night snack, the guest may be surprised at who -- or what -- brings it to the room.

New solar installs beat wind and coal two years in a row

New installations of solar power capacity surpassed those of wind and coal for the second year in a row last year, accounting for 32% of all new electrical capacity, according to a report released today from GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA)

Dawn spacecraft tests tech that may transport cargo to Mars

NASA's long-roaming Dawn today became the first spacecraft to orbit a dwarf planet, and the space agency is using the mission to test technology that may one day transport supplies for an outpost to shelter astronauts on Mars.

Within 15 years, solar will be a dominant energy source

Solar electricity is expected to become competitive with other forms of electricity in an increasing number of markets globally due to declining solar panel...

Google, Facebook racing for virtual reality launch

When it comes to virtual reality, the game is on. And Google and Facebook are competing hard to beat...

NASA close to getting Mars rover back up

The Mars rover Curiosity could get back to work as early as this week as NASA engineers close in on figuring out what is...
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ipad pro

Tripla fotocamera? Al prossimo iPad Pro servirebbe ben altro

Il prossimo iPad Pro potrebbe lo stesso array di tre fotocamere che arriverà su iPhone 11. Un aggiornamento ben poco utile se pensiamo ad altri upgrade ben più importanti che vorremmo vedere.
windows 7

Addio a Windows 7? Ecco alcune alternative non Windows

Se non vi sentite troppo a vostro agio con Windows 10, e con Windows 7 che sta arrivando alla fine dei suoi giorni, vi proponiamo alcune alternative non Microsoft.

ERP: è meglio aspettare prima di compiere il salto verso il cloud

Ecco perché è meglio assumere un approccio attendista se siete clienti di fornitori di software ERP che si preparano a fare il grande salto nel cloud.