Dopo aver firmato il design dei dispositivi più iconici della Mela, Ive diventa il primo “Chief Design Officer”. Si occuperà di grandi progetti, dagli Apple Store al nuovo Campus di Cupertino

La release 10122 di Windows 10 in versione preview offre diversi miglioramenti… e non sono solo ritocchi estetici.

Una startup italiana vuole traghettare tutti i tuoi dispositivi elettrici ed elettronici nell'era della internet delle cose

Scopriamo quali sono le cose da fare e quelle da evitare con Android se si vuole mantenere sicuro e protetto il proprio dispositivo aziendale.

Tre aspetti positivi e tre negativi per il G4, il nuovo smartphone Android di fascia alta di LG atteso in Italia per l’inizio di giugno al prezzo di circa 700 euro.

La maggior parte delle soluzioni per rendere più sicuro Dropbox sta proprio all’interno del servizio stesso.

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Signaling Polymer's production readiness, Google announced release 1.0 at its annual I/O developer conference. A core library used to build and style Web components, Polymer transitioned rapidly from concept to production release in less than two years.

Google executives have a vision that one day soon your jacket, shirt, pants -- even your socks -- might control your phone, tablet or even the lights in your house.

PC shipments will continue to contract during 2015, but it won't be the fault of the Windows 10 free upgrade, research firm IDC said today.

Many data centers today inventory physical assets the same way grocery stores track food, with barcodes and scanners. It's not efficient and a certain...

Telecom giant Ericsson announced this week it is testing out 5G networks in the U.S. and Sweden, and has already exceeded 2Gbps throughput using multiple radio streams at the same time.

Google and Apple are two of the staunchest competitors in any industry, especially with regard to their Android and iOS operating systems for smartphones and tablets.

Apple again took the top prize in Consumer Reports' survey of technical support providers, thumping rival personal computer makers by a large margin and edging out third-party local support.

This week was Dell's Annual Analyst Conference (DAAC) and next week is HP Discover [disclaimer: I've worked with HP and Dell for over a decade and covered both firms extensively], but this year I'll pass on the HP event and will be at VCE's analyst conference in Chicago. Here's why.

As if to offer a mea culpa for its previous, woefully inadequate Windows RT tablets, Microsoft delivered the Surface 3 -- a super-cool tablet and laptop that is particularly useful (though not flawless) when combined with Microsoft's OneNote app and the optional Surface pen.

A parade of top Google executives cycled on and off the stage for more than two hours yesterday at the company's annual I/O developer conference in San Francisco, but because Google is involved in so many projects and markets, the company barely scratched the surface of what it is up to. For example, driverless cars, easily Google's most popular moonshot project, weren't even mentioned until the closing minutes of I/O keynote address. Cloud computing and Google+ weren't mentioned at all. Neither were Google's plans for the enterprise.

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Dopo il successo riscosso su Windows Phone, lo "scanner mobile" di Microsoft fa il grande salto sui device iOS e Android.

Con l’uscita di scena di Windows RT, ARM è pronta ad aumentare la sua presenza nel settore dei Chromebook.

I risultati dei primi benchmark effettuati sull’imminente MacBook da 12’’ mettono in mostra prestazioni simili a quelle del MacBook Air del 2011.