I consigli di analisti e osservatori tecnologici per la prossima versione degli occhiali di Google? Prezzo più basso, design migliore e una vera e propria killer app.

In un mercato così competitivo come quello dell'e-commerce saper accogliere nel migliore dei modi un cliente richiede alcune regole basilari.

Di fronte a malware sempre più aggressivi e “personalizzati”, ecco come neutralizzare una violazione dei dati ricorrendo a un mix di tre importanti strumenti.

Ci sono più possibilità di essere colpiti da un fulmine che di essere infettati da un malware mobile.

Applicazioni mobile come Meerkat e Periscope possono procurare non pochi problemi ai loro utenti, soprattutto a livello di privacy e copyright.

Al via il nuovo algoritmo di Google che lascia sul terreno molte vittime illustri, come il sito del Governo e di buona parte della PA

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I was the top launch analyst for Windows 95 and that product effectively launched me and I've worked with that firm for two decades now. Since then I've watched and been troubled by the many unfortunate changes and mistakes Microsoft has made.

Imagine a data platform that makes it easy for line-of-business users and data scientists to extract insights, as well as share and collaborate on them, from all data sets -- big and small -- for real-time decision making. All employees, regardless of technical background, would be able to utilize the same information without the need to restructure data for any specific query.

Chinese antivirus firm Qihoo 360 Technology today was censured by three major testing organizations for cheating on the evaluations. ...

It's seemed like a long wait from when rumors of the Apple Watch first emerged two years ago to April 10, 2015, when Apple began accepting pre-orders. I was one of the lucky early purchasers and my Watch has finally arrived. So was all that anticipation worth it?

The H-1B visa issue rarely surfaces during presidential races, and that's what makes the entrance by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) into the 2016 presidential...

Verizon's Enterprise Solutions unit today announced a bigger push into smart cities and smart agricultural support services that rely on wireless networks and Internet...

Microsoft's chief operating system executive yesterday put a stake in the ground, saying that in three years, tops, Windows 10 would be running on a billion devices.

Problems with the new Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone have infuriated some early adopters, but they still stay loyal to their favorite brand.

In the Computerworld story "Meet Bernie Sanders, H-1B skeptic", the name of Sen. Jeff Sessions was misspelled in the fifth paragraph. The name was fixed and the corrected paragraph is below:

Microsoft wants you to abandon your preconceived notions of a laptop and embrace the Surface as more than just a tablet. In fact, Microsoft wants you to ditch your cumbersome notebook and one-dimensional tablet -- presumably your iPad -- and replace them with one device: the Surface 3. But even with an adjustable kickstand and full Windows 8.1, can the Surface 3 compete with a traditional notebook, or tablet for that matter?

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Dopo il successo riscosso su Windows Phone, lo "scanner mobile" di Microsoft fa il grande salto sui device iOS e Android.

Con l’uscita di scena di Windows RT, ARM è pronta ad aumentare la sua presenza nel settore dei Chromebook.

I risultati dei primi benchmark effettuati sull’imminente MacBook da 12’’ mettono in mostra prestazioni simili a quelle del MacBook Air del 2011.