Dopo l’estate vedremo sul mercato parecchie novità nel mercato mobile. Ecco i cinque smartphone più attesi e chiacchierati delle ultime settimane.

Con i sistemi integrati PrimeFlex, la società offre soluzioni, basate su tecnologie consolidate e all’avanguardia, che consentono alle aziende di rinnovare e gestire la propria infrastruttura focalizzandosi sugli obiettivi di business

Attraverso la sua rete di Partner, il cloud service provider “100% Italia” offre alle imprese servizi e soluzioni per aumentare la propria efficienza tramite il rinnovamento dell’infrastruttura IT

La suite di produttività gratuita e open-source di The Document Foundation ha molte carte da giocare, ma la sfida al gigante di Microsoft è forse davvero troppo impervia.

L’industria delle telecomunicazione è alla ricerca di nuove frequenze per far raggiungere alle reti mobile di prossime generazione velocità di 10 Gbps o superiori.

Gli SSD non supereranno in tempi brevi i tradizionali HDD a livello di prezzo e capacità, anche se il sorpasso è destinato prima o poi ad avvenire.

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Adottare framework e standard di riferimento per misurare (e dimostrare) il valore dell'infrastruttura IT in azienda e sul mercato


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Following your favorite professional sports team before and after games -- and beyond the nightly sports broadcast -- has never been easier. Social video apps, such as Periscope, Meerkat, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram, are disrupting the traditional content distribution models of teams, TV networks and radio stations. While the transformation is already riddled with concerns over content rights, it represents a valuable opportunity for sports organizations to engage and interact with fans, particularly younger generations.

Toyota, Nissan and Honda today announced they will increase efforts to produce more hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and said they will work together to build more fueling stations to support them.

From the earliest days as a marketing slogan, the elusive concept of the so-called paperless office may finally be taking shape, if anecdotal evidence is anything to go by. A growing number of small businesses and startups, unencumbered by legacy processes, are quietly ditching printouts for an all-digital ecosystem, buoyed by soaring BYOD ownership and growing familiarity with a plethora of cloud services.

Most enterprise technology eventually converges into a suite, as it did with ERP. Integration hassles, management headaches and training challenges arising from a mishmash of best-of-breed solutions drive frustrated enterprise software buyers to the suite life -- but not in marketing tech, at least not yet.

Security has long been a primary challenge in the health IT market, and two new reports help illustrate the vulnerabilities surrounding some of the most sensitive consumer data.

Since it's inception in 1995, eBay has always attracted a flurry of activity. Just recently, the company has seen an uptick in user counts and their stock price. For the analytics company Terapeak, which provides the official sales-tracking dashboard, that rise in popularity could have been a challenge as more and more seller tools joined the fray. Fortunately, they figured out how to ride the wave of success, make smart business decisions, and almost single-handedly prove the freemium model does work by attracting 300,000 non-paying customers in 18 months.

The future of Windows Phone is hanging in the balance: If the launch of Windows 10 doesn't improve the struggling mobile operating system's fortunes significantly then Microsoft may have no choice but to abandon it.

California lawmakers are considering a bill that would make it difficult for state-regulated utilities to replace U.S. workers with H-1B workers. It may be...

A Google computer recently made headlines for appearing to become agitated and verbally lashing out at the human working with it. ...

NASA scientists are working on a plane that would be deployed from a rover's landing system to fly across the Martian surface and take images of potential landing sites for future astronaut missions.

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Dopo il successo riscosso su Windows Phone, lo "scanner mobile" di Microsoft fa il grande salto sui device iOS e Android.

Con l’uscita di scena di Windows RT, ARM è pronta ad aumentare la sua presenza nel settore dei Chromebook.

I risultati dei primi benchmark effettuati sull’imminente MacBook da 12’’ mettono in mostra prestazioni simili a quelle del MacBook Air del 2011.